The Ministries of Mountain View Church

One purpose of the church is to make known the manifold wisdom of God. As a congregation of Christ, Mountain View church desires only to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, because it is the power of God to save mankind today. For this reason, we go about from house to house in Babag and places nearby to evangelize. Our preaching tours have brought us to places like Maraag in Sudlon 2, Cantipla, Taptap, Pung-ol Sibugay, Malubog and Busay. The Word of God being our only creed, it is also the only book that we use. We are not engaged in a war of words with the denominations around us, we teach only the Truth. We believe that that Truth could set every man and woman in the world free from the shackles of sin if he or she will embrace it. We speak where the Bible speaks, and we are silent where the Bible is silent.

Mountain View Church of Christ also engages in the work of benevolence. Much of its collection is used for this purpose. Lately, with the cooperation of the brethren from Mandaue church and other congregations of Jesus in Cebu City, we conducted a medical mission, where we gave free medical check-up and free medicines.

Mountain View Church of Christ also engages in the work of edifying its members. Our Sunday Bible classes are geared toward this end. Lately, we launched our new ministry, the Mountain View Bible School. It is a school without walls. We conduct classes to build up the faith of the Christians in Babag, so that they may be able to stand, and withstand the wiles of the devil.

Mountain View Church of Christ in Babag Uno is served by Ed Maquiling, who, with the support of a generous Christian family in Abilene, Texas, USA, began preaching in the place in the last trimester of the year 2001. Since the first trimester of year 2004, Ed had been assisted in the work by Danilo Mamugay, a former student of his in Cebu Bible College. Danny had been a very great help in the work of the Mountain View church, and was supported by the church in Spokane, Washington, USA.

After Danny left to do full-time ministering in the city of Cebu, Randy, his brother, took over his place, assisting Ed in the teaching, visiting and counseling.

Early this year, 2007, Edward Teman assisted Ed in preaching and ministering in Babag Uno. Edward is a former Baptist preacher whom Ed baptized early in his mountain ministry.



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