News from the Field

We have begun the work in Bacayan two months ago, and we are now making much headway. We conduct classes three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) in the home of Boy Noval alone, in which his wife, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and Sammy Tariman, a neighbor, attend.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we have studies in two other homes.

Last night, Friday, we had an addition, a visitor, the nephew of Sam Tariman. His name is Joseph and he lives in Danao, but works in the shop of his uncle Sam. Sam has a lot of nephews who all look up to him as the model of a true seeker of the heavenly treasures.

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, we will have our first worship in Bacayan, in the home of brother Boy and sister Conching Noval. Their place is quite small, but that will do for now. We are still looking for a much bigger worship place to accomodate the much bigger number who will attend.

Today I have procured ten songbooks that cost P750 and are paid for by the Mountain View church. These shall be used by the churches where I am ministering, by Bacayan on Sunday morning, by Mountain View church in Babag Uno on Sunday afternoon, and by Maraag Sunday evening.

Mountain View church has been helping its sister congregations, by allowing them to use their songbooks, thus maximizing its use.

Mountain View church has also been sharing its grape juice and Lord’s Supper bread to two other congregations.

Not only that, Mountain View church also pays for my gasoline expenses as I visit and preach to other congregations.

We do our visitation and counseling on days we are not busy with teaching. This is a separate ministry done in the homes of those who are struggling with their faith, which means they are Christians.

We also visit and give counseling to those who are not members of the Lord’s church. Our purpose is to try to influence them to change their outlook, look to the bright side and find God, the God whom they must have forgotten.

I have been receiving text messages and emails from Christians requesting me to send them Bible lessons and sermon outlines.

Two weeks ago, we sent lessons to brother Abner Sabute who is teaching a class in a prison house in Digos, Davao del Sur. We sent the lessons through their daughter’s email address.

In the past we had sent lessons to brother Mon de Vera, brother Cabuenas, brother Aldous Echegoyen, and others whose names we cannot remember anymore. I have asked them too to share those lessons with other preachers.

If you have not received a copy of these lessons, feel free to write me through these email addresses:, or



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