Friendship Evangelism


If debating is wrong, then I had just committed this “great sin.” I debated, argued, with a minister of the Calvary Open Hearts Fellowship. He had debated Reuben Emperado; now he’s debating me.

As always, the Analytical Bible that brother Lecroy gave me years ago (November 20, 1975, to be exact) is the ever useful companion. I used Machen’s Greek Grammar brother Barry Murrell supplied (vintage book from the old PBC), and other books my US benefactor sent (he does not want to be identified, but I know he’s my director at PBC when I was a student). My, oh my. The people who listened to me knew that 1 Corinthians 12:13 does not say the Holy Spirit is the baptizer of Christians. Danny Go, that is his name, insisted that the object of preposition “Spirit” (by one Spirit) is the subject. I argued that the subject is we (as in, we are baptized). He brought his Greek-English interlinear but never used it. He’s afraid to open it. He wanted to trick the people into believing that even my Cebuano Bible says the Holy Spirit is the baptizer; got my Bible, read it, and stopped in the middle. The audience laughed. Because that Bible favors my proposition than his. I just smiled. And before he finally lost face, I extended my hand to him, and we hugged each other. Now in low voices we exchanged arguments. Enmity vanished like bubbles in the wind.

After the discussion, we exchanged invitations to have coffee, but I promised him we are not going to stop arguing because I care for his soul.

That is friendship evangelism in action.



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