The Stories of Some Christians Retold


Boy Noval, Sam Tariman, and other men told me they already have stopped engaging in vices, no smoking, no wine-drinking.

Boy Noval told me that what motivated him to do right, to love his family, to be kind to everyone, and to stop bowing his knees to idols, was his father. His father claimed to be Catholic but did not practice it, was even very critical about idol worship. Boy stopped practicing Catholicism. His father stopped drinking after he got sick; Boy did not even attempt to try taking wine. His father read his Bible but never got to the point of obeying Jesus; Boy read his Bible and obeyed Jesus. There lies the difference.

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2 Responses

  1. You have a very nice and informative blog site. You have put all your items in this site. Excellente!!! Keep on Bro Ed!

  2. Wonderful stories of Christian lives. The same stories must rekindle our spirit in serving the Lord Jesus more because he gave us more blessings than one of the characters in the story.

    Pablo M. Lachica

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