Visit these blogs and websites:

Church in the Valley. Start your day by visiting brother Paul Lachica’s blog. New looks, more improvements. News and articles that could inspire us to do more for Jesus. Click this link: Church in the Valley blog.

Mangaldan Church. Visit also the website of the Mangaldan brethren. Click this link: Mangaldan Church of Christ.

Church Growth-Philippines. This is the website of brother Ken Wilkey and the Murrells, where you can get plenty of downloads- free. Click this link: Church Growth.

Mountain View Church. Browse at my wordpress blog. Here you will find sermons you can use in preaching. Also notes about the sects and inspirational write ups to perk up your day. These could help you. We carry news too. Click this link: Mountain View Church.

Mountain View Church. This other blog of mine contains news and short write ups to inspire your day. No discussions about the sects, no sermons either. Click this link: Mountain View Church of Christ.

Bible Feast is our one-stop shop for articles, sermons and discussion notes. Definitely no news. It carries other write ups which one cannot find in my other two blogs. Click this link:Bible Feast.

Brother Seb’s blog, definitely the trailblazer among us bloggers, still is the most visited among blogsites by Philippine Christians. Visiting Word Ministry goes with my morning coffee. Click this link: Word Ministry.


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