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IMG_0573Cyber technology has definitely changed the the world. It gives us great access to knowledge and information which in the past was the sole prerogative of the powerful and the rich, of hackers and spies, of drug lords and drug addicts. It has changed the way man makes money and the way he dispenses services: You can buy or sell almost anything on-line, from a strand of hair belonging to Marilyn Monroe to a dog strap supposedly from a canine owned by Field Marshall Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, cabbages, broccoli, Malaysian mumps and fish, royal titles and college degrees, a piece of property on an island existent or not, or a ticket to Myanmar to give you a taste of how it feels to be ruled by a military junta, or one for the next trip to the moon. Careful: Unseen, behind the curtains, on top of some palatial buildings, in a shack in the woods, on the tundra, or in the hellholes of some country civilized or uncivilized, there is a bunch of deceivers waiting for a bunch of suckers. Don’t say we did not warn you.

Deceivers. That is no reason for dismay, though. Knowledge, and cyber technology that goes with it, is a bounty we must appreciate. Thank Charles Babbage and Ada Byron who made possible the first computer, and Bill Gates who purposely dropped out of college to make this computer work. (The first two rose to fame; the last one became very rich). Cyber technology is for good or for ill, depending on who types on the keyboard. And, may we add, there are no deceivers if there are no suckers.

Forget the suckers. Now it works fairly well for the good of the faithful. Cyberweb evangelism has definitely changed the face of the internet. It was brother Silbano Garcia who blazed the trail for churches of Christ to make use of this technology. No reason then for you to miss worship this Sunday; go to his website, and find a meeting place of a church of Christ near you. Or try others; churches of Christ websites have now multiplied to the nth power. No Bible of your choice? Tons of Bibles of different versions are available at the touch of the keyboard. You can even hear a sermon, or read one. You can see that sermon flashed as a Power Point presentation, or hear and watch it through your Windows Media player. Knowledge progresses, technology improves, and the gospel rides on it. It gives me the idea that God really meant for man anywhere, anytime, everywhere and at all times, to hear the Word of the gospel. For the Word shall be our judge on the last day (John 12:48), and the gospel is still His power to save (Romans 1:16). Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, of us then shall stand before Jesus on that day of the Great Reckoning, and no one can fabricate an excuse for not hearing His Word. Fabrications won’t go to hell but fabricators will.

After the websites, the blogs. Brother Tanicala’s blog definitely has blazed the trail for bloggers among Churches of Christ in this country. Christian blogs multiply, and gospel websites too. That website of Ken Wilkey and the Murrells, for example. Also, Brother Salvador Cariaga’s blog, one which we should not fail to mention. Another is by brother Junas Sagurit and the church in Mangaldan. Bloggers keep adding, and some of us keep adding blogs. For example, you have at your fingertips now my Mountain View church blog, and another Mountain View Church blog. Brother Paul Lachica is content with  a Church in the Valley blog. Then we have one by brother Felix Bravo: his FB Weblog. Last but not the least is one by brother Bert Braña: Robert J. Braña’s blog. Click these blogs to see what they have.

Some blogs are for private pleasure, for private communication, others just to pass away the time (with a blog you can consign boredom to the dustbin). But definitely we who blog do it for what we think is a far nobler aim: It is to promote the cause of Jesus. It is to help make your day bright. It is to help you in your ministry of teaching and preaching. It is to inform you that hello brother we know you’re having hard times but by God’s grace we can survive.

With blogging we–Paul Lachica and I–definitely have learned. We kept talking by emails and IMs. We first started with and progressed on to We created simple blogs–one that looks so boring it could drive away the mouse. I called mine my blogboat, because it was meant to sail on the Web ocean (what a dream!); but Robert Manry’s Tinkerbelle is probably much better looking! Then we read, and tinkered, and read, and tinkered, experimented with templates and fonts and colors, added images, added widgets, and other extras. And now you have them displayed. Hallelujah.

Too old to start? There is an old lady, Spanish, whose blog I had visited once. Her story is probably one for the books. She learned to blog after she had learned computer. She learned computer after she learned English. But she earned English after she was widowed. Why did it take her so long to learn the language of Uncle Sam? Because her husband hated Americans. And Britons. So after she disposed his body in a crypt, pronouncing the last rites to consign him to kingdom come, whatever that is, she started making up for lost time. English, computer, blogging. How old is she now? Our grandfather Abraham was a hundred years old when he became a father. This lady is younger by about a year.

Don’t let your age, your shrinking fat and your wobbling legs discourage you. Start blogging. And do it for Jesus.


3 Responses

  1. Alvin, thanks. Thanks to you and your father for leading. Blogging did not interest me until I found yours on the internet, and until my daughter Karla (she has two blogs) egged me on to start one.

    Blogging ministry (as Paul calls it), or cyber-evangelism, is meant to stay. Let us link with others of kindred spirit. Help us too to connect to them. United, we can impact the world.

  2. I heard about blogging four years ago. I wanted to make a thesis about blogging and literature but was overtaken by events. I started blogging in 2005 and my wife started hers in 2006. Indeed blogging as invigorating (as aptly called by uncle Pablo) I am happy that there are more and more saints embracing this technology as a tool for spreading the Word. I know there are more out there and we need to link these so others can also benefit. I always believe that INFORMATION must IMPACT lives.

  3. Bro. Ed,

    You hit the nail right on the head. This ministry (blogging ministry) is very powerful because it reaches every nook and corner where there is that medium called internet. We are informed of what is happening not only in the Philippines but in many part of the world. I visited the sites you listed and yes, indeed, this blogging activity invigorates one’s soul.

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