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Forgiveness The act of forgiving liberates, or unburdens, the one who forgives more than the one who is being forgiven. This piece is from Leroy Bownlow’s book, Making the Most of Life.

Enting This is Ed’s narrative about the man whom he is trying to influence to change. After years of befriending and teaching and influencing, the man has now mellowed, and asks Ed to keep teaching him.

Quit that Job? What if the Lord requires you to live in a way that pleases Him? But between the ratings 1 to 10, you fall even less than is expected. As a factory product, you have too many flaws. You keep making errors of judgment. You don’t even realize the impact of what you’re doing. And as months turn to years, you make an inventory of your life. You now have this overweening fear that on that day, when you stand before the throne of God your maker, you won’t pass final inspection. Are you going to quit?

“I Think I Heard Voices from the Grave Ed talks about graveyards of our own making, where we bury the memories of our past sinful acts, our failures, our defects. This is an invitation to live a renewed life.

Bloggers, Bloggers, Bloggers This is the author’s invitation to Christians to start a blogging habit, and use it to promote the cause of the Lord.

God’s Way of Touching Us God touches us, not through the Word or through the preaching of the Word only, but also by other means, and the author shows what these are.

The Glory of the Small and the Simple The author invites Christian preachers who dream of starting a work for God to consider simplifying and starting small.

Things More Important Than Mowing Tall Grass There are things more important than the things of this world. Let us not forget that heaven is our goal.

Indifference The author narrates a case of child abuse and shows that they who close their eyes to the incidents of crimes are as guilty as the ones who perpetuate the crime.


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