What Would You Have Done?

IMG_0570You ask me if I have kids. “Yes, I myself have three daughters.” Then you must know how I feel. You look at me, and I am seeing great emotions about to pour in. “Yes, I do. Yes, I understand the pain of loss. Twenty-two years old, your only son. His departure — his bloody departure– must be very painful. And your feeling of remorse. Yes, I understand all those.”

Why does it have to be so?

It all began with dreams. Your son’s. Dreams of great income. Dreams of places like America or London. You are an engineer, a board topnotcher at that, and you think his dream to become a nurse is to give in to mental weakness. His mental weakness, not yours. But your son admitted that his math skills are far from satisfying. Just help me become a nurse. So nurse he would be.

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