A Letter from brother Charles T. Smith

Dear brother Ed,
Thank you for sending me the history of our faithful brother Erasto M. Fuentes Sr. I would like to share some observations that I have about this long-time friend and beloved brother.

I first met bro. Fuentes, when he was a student at PBC in 1954-55. I was in the US Air Force, flying with the 31st Air Rescue Squadron,stationed at Clark AFB. I was invited to come to the First Graduation of the PBC by bro. Ralph Brashears in 1954, and I was able to spend some time with all of the students and Faculty. I remember that bro. Fuentes impressed me very much, and we worked together again in 1961.

When I was the Director of the PBC at Pi y Margall, where bro. Greg Gallardo Sr., bro. “Johney” Poblete, and (Dr.) Neapolitan Belo were three of my students there. In 1962, I moved to Angeles City and started the Angeles Preacher Training School, and bro. Fuentes took over the PBC at Pi y Margall. Bro. Greg Gallardo, his brother Eddy Gallardo, bro. Mayor, bro. Ruephine, and bro. Ezequiel “Kale” Sandalo, lived in the same house with sister Mary Ann and I, near the Clark Church building. We studied the Bible 6 hours a day, and spent every weekend in Zambales planting Churches. I invited bro. Fuentes to come and conduct Gospel meetings in Angeles City, and teach the lost, and to teach our students. Bro. Fuentes was a great preacher, and many souls were saved by his teaching the truth of God’s Holy Word.

Bro. Kenneth Wilkey replaced bro. Ralph Brashears in 1963, and he asked me if I would bring all of my students to Baguio and be the Dean at PBC and share in the teaching of the students. We all went there. Another student we had at PBC was a young brother named “Rudy” Gonzales, presently an elder at the Kalaklan Church and teacher at PIBI- Olongapo City. We were asked to start a PTS in 1969, and we did with those brethren teaching in it, and bro. “Rudy Gonzales” graduated from that PTS.

After teaching at SIBI, in Lubbock, Texas for three years up to 1995, Mary Ann and I went back to see how we might continue our Missionary work in the Philippines. Bro. Sandalo & and Poblete asked me to start another Preacher Training School at the”Kalaklan” Church.

Therefore, in 1996 we started the PIBI- Olongapo. In 1999, bro. Erasto Fuentes,Sr. came to Kalaklan and asked me if we could start a PIBI-Naga City to train the brethren there to “Preach the Gospel and plant new churches in the Bicol Region?” Because brother Fuentes has a strong Faith, and a strong commitment to the Lord, I was more than happy to work with him and the “Bicol Church of Christ.” I am very proud of the work he has done, and that he is still doing for the Lord, in the Philippines. Erasto is a leader, and he has inspired his own family, and the brethren where he serves as an elder. I too have benefited from being a “co-laborer” with him.

I look forward to being with bro. Fuentes in May at the graduation of PIBI. Someday we will be living forever with bro. Erasto Fuentes and with all who are faithful brethren.

Charles T. Smith,
Director of the “Philippine International Bible Institute,”
Republic of the Philippines


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