Not a Burning Log to Stoke More Fire to An Already Fiery Discussion, But a Small Lighted Candle May Be

Eusebio Tanicala ( wrote: Mga Kasama sa pbcaa yahoogroups: I’ve asked F_ and M_ to stop using the pbcaa blog in their issue clarification. I told them to use their private emails if there are items they want to study or clarify.
Let’s make the blog positive. I requested our webmasters (brother P_and brother A_) to screen entries/postings. Thank you for your cooperation. Your brother, Eusebio Tanicala

Ed ( wrote:

And to add a positive note to that, here’s the news:

A lady came to our meeting hall one Sunday. I did not recognize her from Eve’s side, but that’s no reason not to be nice. After the worship she told me she was strengthened by our positive approach to learning the Word, treating it as God speaking to us, making it our guide in everyday living, listening to its encouragement to live on as a people who are not meant for this world, looking beyond this age for our reward.

She heard about me from my own enemies, who did nothing but discredit me. She wondered why I never retaliated, that is, paid harsh words for harsh words. That kept her thinking: Her husband made her a punching bag after they had an altercation, in which she fought back with all her might. Realizing that she was no match to a male abuser who forgot his vows to love and to cherish her till death do them part, she decided to come to our meeting hall. She wanted to commit suicide and came to me for advice.

For three Sundays she listened. Finally, she took the courage to tell me that she wants to be a part of the group who calls themselves Christians. I immersed her last Saturday (February 9, 2008), in a nice pool in one of those exclusive subdivisions in Cebu, in the property leased by an American brother, Mark Vandyke of Lexmark Corporation.

This is one reason why in the midst of all these hot discussions, I remain cool. It is not the non-Christians alone who are watching us. Brethren who are bored of our discussions are watching us. Christians who are non-committed to any issue pro and con are watching us. The nice young men who are looking for good examples to emulate are watching us. The others who are just looking for trouble are watching us. And most of all God in heaven is watching us.

Mimi Rosales, the lady I just baptized, has been observing me all along, and wondered about the kind of doctrine I am teaching. She came out of curiosity and need for advice on whether to commit suicide is the best way out of a problem, and heard us, and saw that this is the group she wants to be a part of.

I don’t want as much as possible to be the burning log to stoke much fire to the already fiery discussion. A small candle maybe, to light the path for one who is looking for God.

I have been busy writing for an Australian who wants to put more meat and content to his blog. I am paid to do this, and I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to make some money, not so big, to support the work I am doing in the mountains.

As I have told a Flipino brother in San Francisco, it is our job to keep ourselves busy in our Father’s business, and become something that inspires those around us. We have good stories to tell and they need to hear those stories.

Just a few thoughts to make your day bright. Let’s change the topic. Have a nice day, fellow strugglers.



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