The Advertising Game that People Play

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are just like other days the Lord has made. As usual we, like other creatures of God, are into a game of advertising. That game is played by us and by them like any ordinary game, although its intent and purpose are beyond the ordinary. It is a game we and they don’t always play too well. We are the billboards, we are the ads and the ad carriers, God is the one advertised, but as in many cases the one advertised is being overshadowed by the billboards, or upstaged by ad carriers.

Why is that so, one may ask. Well, some participants in this advertising game are in a sense mediocrity a outrance. The impact they create on those who are watching, to say the least, leaves much to be desired. They don’t measure up. The ones among them who have played it so bad are remembered only for the embarrassments they have created. Their failings are their biography.

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