Of Typhoons, Cyclones and Quakes

If you go through life without learning any lesson from cyclone Nargis or China quake or typhoon Halong, you’re not only doing something unthinkable, you’re missing something. Even the Burmese junta has capitalized on their national weakness to keep the US naval ship at bay, and would allow disaster to pile upon disaster than to accept aid from the enemy; that’s the lesson they learn. The loss of many lives in China, many of them children from one-child families, would perhaps make the Chinese government rethink about their forced abortion policy to keep the lid on their population growth; the quake should put an end to that one-child policy. Typhoon Halong on the other hand has kept the blogs and the emails running. Already there is an appeal for help from a preaching brother in Pangasinan.

They never stop blowing, these contrary winds of life. They keep inserting themselves into an otherwise peaceful landscape of our lives; and we keep exerting efforts to battle them. Jesus once restrained the wind, a project of great impact meant to teach His mastery over nature; today man’s little project of restraining the wind is by turning off the electric fans, making him the master of the switches. Contrary winds, they always come on days we never expect. God no longer restrains these forces but rather permits them to blow against us. But as He lets these winds into the landscape of our being, He also sends us moments of quiet, brief cessations, lest we be overcome.

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