Lost, or Stolen!

IMG_0574Crime indeed does not pay, but the Philippine government really meant business when it made the thieves pay. Their crime: The systematical pilfering of priceless historical documents at the National Library, selling these to antique shops and collectors.

On May 29, a Manila Regional Trial Court judge will decide on the case, so says ABS-CBN Online. This will put to a close the 18-year saga of retrieving thousands of stolen Philippine historical documents and bringing the thieves to justice.

A sting operation in 1993 had led to the arrest of Rolando Bayhon, a researcher of National Historical Institute. He was caught with 42 historical documents in his possession. He was planning to sell these documents at P1,000 each to a Manila antique store but justice caught up with him. Seven hundred other documents were also recovered from that antique store.

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