Learning from Past Mistakes

How did you learn your great lessons on this business called life?

Mine came out of the mistakes I had made. Many mistakes, and not just small ones but big, mistakes that made me back out into a corner and made me think how I got it all wrong when everything seemed to be so right.

Sure, I admit that the times and the seasons when I got things correctly had also taught me lessons equally great, made me happy and made me dream of repeat successes. I got enamoured with medals and awards for the right things I did, for these flew into my lap expectedly; in fact I dreamed of these to the point of being obsessed. But I had discovered too that trophies and successes may also tempt us to embrace rigid solutions for doing things, or get into patterns of thinking that rarely give us freedom to be creative. Rarely do they lead to insights nobler and more profound. Under that stupor, we seldom entertain the possibility of flops and fiascos. My more profound lessons of life are the bounteous harvest from the troubles I had sown. They, aside from hurting my person and my soul, impact me more, salving the wounded ego of one so bright who had done things so stupid.

So let’s take a little time out together to think on life’s lessons and learn from these suggestions:

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One Response

  1. Brother Ed,

    Outstanding words of encouragement that we all can learn from and cherish. Regardless of where we are on our path to more perfect Christian living, we can all apply this thinking to our lives. For, we have all made mistakes and desire to serve God without any more! May the Lord bless your continued work on this blog. You are a strong soldier of the cross.


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