Only One Kind of Sound Matters Most

Digital music: It’s the next best news after the cassette tapes and the Walkman. Its spread through the internet and through pirated CDs has been the subject of much fanfare. And many litigations. You must be happy downloading thousands of music that you could play on your digital music player— free to copy at the click of a mouse. Someone or some group on the Net, in their excitement and desire to make the world happy, makes these songs available to all while riding roughshod over the rights of the copyright owners, and could cough up millions to pay if the litigants win their battle in courts. It ain’t nice to hear anymore— free music ain’t that free, really.

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“The Song of Bernadette”

I watched this musicale at Cinema 1, SM City Mall. You may wonder why: I am out looking for unbelievabilities in your plausibilities. You who are disciples of “Mary the Virgin” and believers of the so-called vision at Lourdes, France, can’t say I have never given you a chance to prove your point. I do and I have. I can even listen to improbable stories the whole night long— I can do it out of respect for you.

I like the play, I like the songs, and I like the acting. The play tells the story of one little girl’s journey of faith—one little French girl who could not give even a single satisfactory answer to the doctrinal question posed by her catechism teacher.

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