A Visit by a Brother from the Military

During this week, we had a surprise visit from brother Labroso, who is connected with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Brother Labroso has married a daughter of brother Santiago Binaluga, one of the pillars of the church in the mountainous  village of Pagang, Himamaylan, Negros Occidental. Brother Binaluga’s family too has been instrumental in his conversion.

A church first met in the house of the Labrosos in Overflow, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. Now a new chapel has been built from the donations of many Christians in the Philippines.

Brother Labroso in turn was instrumental in the conversion of his parents in Toledo City, Cebu. A church, ministered by Boning Bayarcal and supported by the help of brother Mark Vandyke of Lexmark Corporation, now meets in Toledo.

Pictures taken at the library of Philippine Institute of Biblical Studies in Pit-os, Cebu City.


Classes at PIBS End Today

Classes at PIBS, which began on August 18, have ended today, August 22.

Eighteen preacher delegates from the churches of Ormoc (Leyte), Tayasan (Negros Oriental),  Guindulman (Bohol), Tayud, Consolacion (Cebu), Toledo City (Cebu), Mandaue City (Cebu), Kabankalan (Negros Occidental) and others from Negros Oriental came for the weeklong Bible classes at the Philippine Institute of Biblical Studies in Pit-os.

Classes were held in three sessions- morning, afternoon and evening. Brother Bong de los Santos taught the course on “The Christian Home,” brother Ed Maquiling on “The Preacher’s Life and Work,” and brother Reuben Emperado on Maturing Discipleship. Each session lasted for three hours.

Aside from free training, delegate preachers receive free fares, food and lodging at the PIBS.

The purpose of the school is to train them that they may train others also. The courses offered are on a trimester basis and have now been formalized, and each student will receive credit for attendance each trimester.

The school is supported by Saturn Road church in Garland, Texas.

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Campaigner Presumed Drowned in Dominican Republic

Editor’s Note: Some of you may have remembered brother Joseph Anthony Ruiz, missionary to Taiwan who has been involved in the mission work in this country. This sad news is about his son Shane. Please read on…


March 20, 2008

Check back for updates. Last update: 19:48 UTC.

HENDERSON, Tenn. (BNc)- A Freed-Hardeman University student is presumed drowned while swimming yesterday, March 19.

Shane Ruiz was on a mission trip with Freed-Hardeman University in the Dominican Republic and got sucked away by an undertow while swimming.

He’s officially reported missing for the time being. Two other students were with him, according to reports.

One report said that on their last day of their mission trip, “they stopped to play in the ocean. The ocean was very rough and Shane disappeared while they were in the ocean.”

According to missionary Cory Lamb, at about 4 p.m. local time, several students were standing in no more than three feet of water, but the violent waves knocked Shane down and the undertow took him out to sea. He was beyond their range and could not be saved. Lamb, other group members and several Dominicans tried to save him for nearly three hours. Because of the violence of the ocean, swimmers or boats were unable to reach Ruiz.

According to the newspaper La República, the Dominican Center of Emergency Operations informed yesterday that it had prohibited the use of 132 beaches and spas across the country, due to the abnormal height of the waves.

The other two students with Shane at the time were able pull away from the undertow.

According to Laura Beth Lamb’s blog, her husband and others tried to rescue Shane, but were “beat back by horrendous waves.”

A press release by FHU sent at 19:31 UTC, said Shane was working in the Dominican Republic with the Sigma Rho social club. The group spent spring break teaching children through a Vacation Bible School program and traditionally spent the afternoon of their last day at the beach after working at a childrens’ home in Bobida.

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‘Faith Undone’ by Emerging Church

Book Review by Joe Slater, Thayer, Mo.

In Faith Undone, Roger Oakland, a premillennial dispensational evangelist, examines a fairly new movement among Evangelicals called the “emerging church” (or emergent movement). Having been through the periods of modernism and postmodernism, the church is now “emerging” into a new era requiring a complete re-thinking of “doing church,” so proponents of the movement say.

Emergent leaders see their movement as “a new reformation,” shattering “intolerable carapace” of “institutionalized Christianity,” even as Martin Luther revolted against Roman Catholicism. Oakland, however, believes the “emerging church” to be an “end-time deception,” in keeping with his dispensational convictions.

Oakland sees little to commend emergent ideas or practices, and much which makes them dangerous and heretical. Some would accuse him of alarmism or “sour grapes,” since he unapologetically exposes numerous high-profile Evangelical leaders, including Rick Warren, Tony Campolo, Chuck Colson, Bill Hybels, Leonard Sweet and Brian McLaren.

Even Max Lucado receives a brief mention for his book A Cure for the Common Life, in which he quotes Martin Buber’s statement that “a divine spark lives in every being and thing” (emphasis mine, J.S.).

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Sound Doctrine and Practice Workshop at Lewisville

By Don Petty

LEWISVILLE, Tex. (BNc)- This past weekend, Aug. 8-10, the Lewisville church hosted a successful workshop on Sound Doctrine and Practice.

Nine excellent speakers delivered fundamental sound-doctrine lectures on a variety of topics addressing the needs of every Christian in the brotherhood.

Friday night over 300 attendees heard Jeff Jenkins kick off the workshop with an extremely sound and powerful talk on the topic, “Submitting to the Absolute Authority of God.” A hymn written and arranged by Lewisville Christians was sung during that hour. Some 24 hymns were written this year by the group to be sung in the assemblies during the workshop.

All day Saturday men continued to deliver inspiring and informational lectures with original hymns of praise to God being sung.

Ralph Gilmore, Dennis Jones, Ed Wharton, Eddie Cloer, Harold Taylor and Howard Norton brought to the 300-plus in attendance more scriptural lessons as only these men of God could do it.

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Brent & Deb Dirks Conversion Story

My wife and I were raised in a very conservative Protestant sect, where we were taught a very strict and legalistic way of living the Christian life. Everything was regulated, from the clothes one could wear, to the job one could have. No one was allowed to attend school past the eighth or ninth grade, for fear of becoming “worldly”. We did learn the Bible quite well, along with a healthy respect and fear of God.

We were taught that a person needed to believe in Jesus and be forgiven of their sins in order to be saved. So when we were each about 12 years old, we asked God to forgive us of our sins. We were then “baptized” by pouring, which also made us members of that denomination. The teaching of the group was that baptism by pouring was an outward sign of an inward cleansing, and typified the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon believers.


Thanks to brother Randall Matheny and the brethren from Fortright Press – Ed Maquiling, Editor

Tayud church of Christ, Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu

Ed in front of Tayud church building

Ed in front of Tayud church building

Yesterday afternoon, after our morning worship at Mountain View Church in Babag Uno, I had the great opportunity to preach at Libo church of Christ in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, through the invitation of Danny Torniado, one of those young men from Mandaue church whom I had mentored in the past. Danny is supported by Banilad church and by sister Charito Maglinis, whose husband works as a piping engineer in Kazakhstan. Libo church is three years old and still struggling but it has a great potential. For one, it already has a chapel donated by sister Pering Grado, who used to be with the Pentecostals. I had a chance to have a conversation with both sister Pering and sister Charito yesterday after worship.

Four students of CBC were there to assist in the song leading and Lord’s table. Brother Danny conducted the Bible study; I did the sermon. My lesson was about Friendship Evangelism, based on the text of John 4:5-42.

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