You Are a Preacher, So What?

One of the many terms that generally describe God’s worker is the word “preacher.” This word is not only descriptive of the worker, but of the work that God expects of him. Our study here concerns about the etymology of the word, its classical use in the secular world, and in the Bible. Consider these words:

KERUSSO, “to announce, to make known, to proclaim (aloud)”

KERUGMA, “proclamation, announcement, preaching”

KERUX, “herald, announcer, preacher, messenger, proclaimer”

The words in the above group are derived from the noun kerux, frequent in the writings of Homer. Compare this also with the Old Indian karuh, singer; Old Persian xraus, herald; Aramaic karoz, herald, Daniel 3:4 (Colin Brown, The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, 3:48).

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