PIBS: A Bible College on the Hillside

PIBS is the acronym of the Philippine Institute of Biblical Studies. PIBS was a dream ministry of brother Reuben Emperado, and it became a dream-come-true when it started meeting in many places in Negros and Cebu, a sort of Bible school without walls, catering to the needs of the indigenous churches and church leaders in the Visayas. PIBS then had its humble abode in Banilad, a building built through the funds donated by the Henry Uytengsus and by the Chito Cusis, on the lot owned by Chito’s wife Tess.

We have seen the growth of PIBS. A growth shown by the increase in the number of students who came and learned from its classes, in the knowledge and skills of the preachers who attended it, who went to their respective congregations and applied the lessons they had learned from a week-long intensive study of the Bible and Bible related courses under the tutelage of its instructors both Filipinos and Americans.

A humble building hidden behind a grove of gmelinas and niched on the side of a hill in Barangay Pit-os, Cebu City, has now become the permanent home of PIBS, constructed through the efforts of Wayne and Jeremy Barrier and other American brethren. It will now be a school with walls, literally speaking, walls that remind me of the buildings I saw in Baguio City back then when Reuben and I were still students of that renown Philippine Bible College on Rimando Road. But in a manner of speaking PIBS still is a school without walls, because anyone from any race and language and skin color and gender can come and imbibe lessons taught by its skilled teachers.

For further info about PIBS, contact brother Reuben Emperado. You may also visit his website by clicking here.


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