‘Faith Undone’ by Emerging Church

Book Review by Joe Slater, Thayer, Mo.

In Faith Undone, Roger Oakland, a premillennial dispensational evangelist, examines a fairly new movement among Evangelicals called the “emerging church” (or emergent movement). Having been through the periods of modernism and postmodernism, the church is now “emerging” into a new era requiring a complete re-thinking of “doing church,” so proponents of the movement say.

Emergent leaders see their movement as “a new reformation,” shattering “intolerable carapace” of “institutionalized Christianity,” even as Martin Luther revolted against Roman Catholicism. Oakland, however, believes the “emerging church” to be an “end-time deception,” in keeping with his dispensational convictions.

Oakland sees little to commend emergent ideas or practices, and much which makes them dangerous and heretical. Some would accuse him of alarmism or “sour grapes,” since he unapologetically exposes numerous high-profile Evangelical leaders, including Rick Warren, Tony Campolo, Chuck Colson, Bill Hybels, Leonard Sweet and Brian McLaren.

Even Max Lucado receives a brief mention for his book A Cure for the Common Life, in which he quotes Martin Buber’s statement that “a divine spark lives in every being and thing” (emphasis mine, J.S.).

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