Brent & Deb Dirks Conversion Story

My wife and I were raised in a very conservative Protestant sect, where we were taught a very strict and legalistic way of living the Christian life. Everything was regulated, from the clothes one could wear, to the job one could have. No one was allowed to attend school past the eighth or ninth grade, for fear of becoming “worldly”. We did learn the Bible quite well, along with a healthy respect and fear of God.

We were taught that a person needed to believe in Jesus and be forgiven of their sins in order to be saved. So when we were each about 12 years old, we asked God to forgive us of our sins. We were then “baptized” by pouring, which also made us members of that denomination. The teaching of the group was that baptism by pouring was an outward sign of an inward cleansing, and typified the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon believers.


Thanks to brother Randall Matheny and the brethren from Fortright Press – Ed Maquiling, Editor


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