Sound Doctrine and Practice Workshop at Lewisville

By Don Petty

LEWISVILLE, Tex. (BNc)- This past weekend, Aug. 8-10, the Lewisville church hosted a successful workshop on Sound Doctrine and Practice.

Nine excellent speakers delivered fundamental sound-doctrine lectures on a variety of topics addressing the needs of every Christian in the brotherhood.

Friday night over 300 attendees heard Jeff Jenkins kick off the workshop with an extremely sound and powerful talk on the topic, “Submitting to the Absolute Authority of God.” A hymn written and arranged by Lewisville Christians was sung during that hour. Some 24 hymns were written this year by the group to be sung in the assemblies during the workshop.

All day Saturday men continued to deliver inspiring and informational lectures with original hymns of praise to God being sung.

Ralph Gilmore, Dennis Jones, Ed Wharton, Eddie Cloer, Harold Taylor and Howard Norton brought to the 300-plus in attendance more scriptural lessons as only these men of God could do it.

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