Obituary Of A Man Age 93

The burial grounds of Mawmaoan, below Babag Uno.

The burial grounds of Mawmaoan.

An old man from Babag Uno, age 93, passed away this week.  Fifty years ago he was the owner of a hundred hectares of mountain land planted to corn–literally fields of green beside a flowing mountain brook. He also owned the largest house in this community of small people living in small houses. His things were the envy of the village underachievers and the talk of the village gossips. No one above the age of fifty today could not say he or she had not worked in this old man’s farm, had not experienced his tongue-lashing when the man complained of back jobs, had not felt being exploited because of his being poor by this man who once wallowed in riches.  He used to ride sky-high on the glory of being lord of a small manor. Now he’s dead.

Another view of the mountain, below which is the valley that serves the burial grounds of the dead in Babag Uno

At the foot of this mountain are the burial grounds of the dead.

What legacy, if any, has the old man left behind? You can name 18 paramours and 6 illegitimate kids, in addition to the 8 he already had with the legal spouse. A chapel in honor of “Mary the Virgin” which he had built using his funds, in the hope of invoking eternal security in the day of judgment. Male heirs who not only inherited his genes but also copied his attitudes, including narrow-mindedness in matters of religion.

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