One Incident in the Past


Talk about high school. What does one remember about it? I don’t put mine in the class of the Very Significant, or the Very Memorable. Others recall theirs with sadness or with joy; mine with the lesson that it has brought me.

That noon time of my last year in high school was just like other noon times of my life. I was sitting there under a kaymito tree behind the school library. It was no ordinary tree, as far as I am concerned, for it was the biggest, the tallest, and perhaps the oldest kaymito tree in the whole village. Its crown had withstood many tropical storms of history. Nobody ever thought of cutting it down even to give way to the walls being built around the school’s property. For that tree was part of the will on the property deeded to the school.  And so it stayed.

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One Response

  1. Kaymito is my favorite among all the fruits in the Philippines. I remember when I first had one in 2006. I was so impressed with that flavor. The only problem is that one’s hands are quite sticky after eating a kaymito. Nevertheless, my favorite fruit.

    I hope all is well with you, brother. Stay in touch.

    Mike Hildreth

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