“A Woman of Controversy”

img_1440On Tuesday this week, as the noon time sun began hiding behind the tall trees, they buried the woman who in life they had scorned but in death they had learned to understand. That woman was Mery.

By their definition, Mery was a woman of controversy. But by my definition, theirs is an accusation that carries no weight. It doesn’t say she is not the woman they are accusing her of; it means they have seen in her life the imperfections that they have failed to see in their own.

Why so? A lady, Senyang by name, who in younger days first led the crusade to crucify Mery for being an adulteress, too was guilty in later life of leaving her husband for another man younger than her. And the man who said he would put his reputation at stake to prove that indeed this woman was guilty of a score of other sins aside from adultery—-the Catholic faith defender of the village, and the woman’s father -in-law too—himself an offspring of illegitimacy, had also begotten two illegitimate kids. So what’s new? The accusers were themselves as guilty as the ones they accused!

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