Gossipers: Are These Your Problems?

IMG_0570There’s one thing you should know about gossipers:  They consider you their enemies.  So what should you do?

Life on earth is definitely not a bed of roses; it is filled with sorrows and pains and difficulties. But this life could have been made much happier and the burdens could have been lighter if everyone is your friend. But that is next to impossible.

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One Response

  1. Outstanding article, my brother!

    You are surely not alone in your struggle against the adversary and his flock. I have gone through much persecution, as well, facing these wiles. It amazes me that we, Christians, are more often persecuted by those within the church rather than by the outsider. Gossip is a sinister deed and finding a way to cope in a Christ-like manner is a challenge.

    Another thought:

    Remember that none of us is sinless (1 John 1: 8) and if we point the finger then we will have 3 more pointing back at ourselves. If we are aware of a certain brother’s struggle with a certain sin we must not expolit the situation and spread the news that he has sinned. Even if it is true, we have fallen into the Devil’s trap if we do so.

    Let all brethren be truthful and honest with one another, helping each other overcome evil. Backstabbing is an abomination for God’s people to take part in and an hindrance to the work of the Kingdom.

    In the meekness and gentleness of Christ,

    Mike Hildreth

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