We Don’t Own Everything We Own!

IMG_0570One day a buyer shopping drops by a large Gemolite chain store in one of those big buildings in Downtown Cloudburst. That store is a branch of a jewellery manufacturing company and exquisite “gemolites” are its main products, although it sells other gems too.

What are “gemolites,” you may ask. “Gemolites” are rock-hard man-made gems; unlike real diamonds which are natural and can be mined from the bosom of the earth, “gemolites” are perfect imitations of the natural. They have the color and the sparkle of the real. It is virtually impossible to distinguish a man-made diamond from the genuine. Natural diamonds are very precious, but a “gemolite” you can always afford.

But one gem, different from the others, catches the man’s attention. “I want that,” he says. “How much is it?”

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