Notes From Two Who Greatly Love Bertile Barbas

Hi brother Ed,

Toto Gumamay (Beaulah’s spouse)  requested me to post his experience with  our late brother Bertile Barbas.   Several times I tried to put it in the preacher’s blog of your website.   However,  I must be doing something wrong since I could not post Toto’s comments below your article about Bertile.

Well, brother Ed, we’re just sending it to you  directly via email.   You may post it or not, it’s fine with us.  We just like to share it with you anyway, because you were good friends with Bertile and the rest of our family.

Have a blessed week.

Leaning on JESUS,
Ernest and Sharlene Baragona

Below is Toto’s unforgettable fellowship with Bertile.

I’ve been blessed to have known Bertile Barbas, my brother-in-law who was like a real brother to me.   From the time we met to the moment when GOD called him home,  Kuya Bertile has inspired me with his wonderful Christian example.

As he was dying in the hospital bed, he used his final strength by singing “Stepping in the Light,” and “I Love the Lord.”   With oxygen mask, and other medical tubes on his pale body, he preached God’s Word in a room full of patients and caregivers.

Streams of tears flowed from my eyes as I witnessed Kuya Bertile’s very special way of bidding this world goodbye.  I confess I will never be the same.

Rogelio “Toto” Gumamay
Preacher, Ormoc Church of Christ

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