This is the blog that tells the world who we are. We are a church trying to follow what the early Christians did in order to please their God, who is also our God. Jesus is our example and the Bible is God’s book that gives us directions on how to be like His Son.

Is it possible to be like Jesus, to be a Christian, today? We think so. Jesus did not impose on his disciples what is impossible to do; for if he did, salvation would no longer be by the grace of Him who died that we may live. Neither candles nor prayers, nor human merit could save any man. No pronouncements of any self-anointed person, be he a priest or a minister, can transform a sinner to one without sin. It is neither true that you can die that you may live.

Someone died for you. Let that statement sink in that it may find a place in the modules of stock knowledge that you keep in your heart. It is not easy for any ordinary human to give his life that another may go to heaven. But one extraordinary life was poured out on that cross, and heaven went bankrupt, that you and I may be rich.

When that one life was snuffed out on Calvary hill two thousand years ago, it was made for the purpose of purchasing a church. Don’t ever believe anyone telling you that the church of Jesus is nothing but a bunch of bigots or a clique of fools. Sometimes we have to admit our message falls on deaf ears.

We may admit that we’re a bunch of good-for-nothings aiming for something much better, because we cannot make ourselves better! We are not righteous people, and if God were to look down on men and women today, He sees those who claim be righteous among mankind as a bunch of hypocrites, dressed in nothing but rags. Jesus’ people, those who have by virtue of his shed blood been washed, justified, and saved, can claim no other righteousness than the one that he himself provides. He is our righteousness.

You can make Him yours too- your mediator, your advocate, your justifier, your savior. The Bible tells you how. We can assist you in this matter. Give us a call today. Our phone number is +63-929-2718925. Go ahead. You won’t regret it.

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2 Responses

  1. In doing a google search for a book I’m searching for i came across this website. Perhaps you can assist me. I’m looking for a copy of ” A history of the church of Christ, 1900-1925″ by douglas LeCroy.

    Perhaps you know where I may obtain a copy. I am most interested in the material that he is said to cover concerning the non-Sunday school churches of Christ.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Tom Atkinson
    Union City, Tn

  2. Nice work, maybe I should say great work. And this blog, is very good. I’ll tell others about it, if you won’t mind. Also, I’d like to ask permission if I can print some good information and articles you wrote.
    We have Daniel and Judy Mamugay worshipping with us. But this past month, they have not come to worship. Randy Mamugay is with Jun Patricio at Makati church. He visited us the other week.
    God bless.

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