The Worship Services of the Mountain View Church

Mountain View Church of Christ meets in a private home in Babag Uno, Cebu City. That home is beside the access road going to the transmitter towers of ABS-CBN on Mount Busay. We meet every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 for worship and study of the Word of God.

All the male members of the church serve the Lord in whatever way possible, as prayer leaders, and as counselors to those who come to them for advice, and this they do during the week or when the need for it arises.

Everyone serves Jesus by becoming a light to their fellowmen, and by so doing glorifies the Father and the Son. As salt of the earth, they seek to influence their fellow villagers to try to follow the teachings of Jesus. Oftentimes their lifestyles as Christians come into conflict with the lifestyles of the people around them, but they persevere.


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