Church in Pongpong, Sto. Tomas, La Union

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The history of Pongpong church is found in brother Paul Lachica’s blogs.  Click here: Church in the Valley.

In his blog, Paul mentions many names of Christians who in more ways than one had contributed to the establishment and growth of the Church of Christ in the Valley, Pongpong, Sto. Tomas, LU – the Bejagons, Miro Annague, the Dulays, the Calonges, the Lachicas, the Mercados, the Panergos, the Villanuevas, the Doctoleros, KJ Wilkey, Bob Buchanan, Doug LeCroy, Seb Tanicala, Nick Fulgencio, Adrian Limbawan, Felix Bravo and many others. (I think I am suffering from short memory syndrome because I cannot remember all, sorry).

The good Lord in His infinite mercy had caused the gospel to be preached in that area of Pongpong through an accident of history- a certain Jesus Bejagon was there to visit his wife, not knowing that such a visit would be used by God to have His church established in that remote area of La Union (it is not remote anymore, because highways and feeder roads connect to it now).

Miro Annague I remember, though I was quite close to his son David (whose jokes still evoke laughter in my ears). But Jesus Bejagon I never had opportunity to meet. I just heard this name when I went to Leyte (in fact, I had gone to the very place where he grew up, where he at one time ministered). God bless these people, those still living and working to promote His kingdom, and may He bless too the memories of those who had contributed to the Pongpong mission though they are now gone. May your tribe increase!

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