Church in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu


Ed in front of church building.


Danny and his daughter.

Sunday afternoon, August 10, 2008, after our morning worship at Mountain View Church in Babag Uno, I had the great opportunity to preach at Libo church of Christ in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, through the invitation of Danny Torniado, one of those young men from Mandaue church whom we had mentored in the past. Danny is supported by Banilad church and by sister Charito Maglinis, whose husband works as a piping engineer in Kazakhstan. Libo church is three years old and still struggling but it has a great potential. For one, it already has a chapel donated by sister Pering Grado, who used to be with the Pentecostals. I had a chance to have a conversation with both sister Pering and sister Charito that Sunday after worship.

Four students of CBC were there to assist in the song leading and Lord’s table. Brother Danny conducted the Bible study; I did the sermon. My lesson was about Friendship Evangelism, based on the text of John 4:5-42.

Sister Pering Grado, the donor of the chapel and the lot, used to be a business woman in Carbon, Cebu City. She had allowed the Pentecostals to use this chapel and this lot in the past, but because of some disagreements over doctrines she told them to vacate the place, which they did. She had been churchless until Enting Tautoan of the Good News Clinic and Danny Mamugay of San Remegio church came and studied with her. She is selling her other property at the back of the chapel. The lady is blooming with love for the Lord and hopes to be in heaven someday. Her other hope is for her husband (a retired police general, I heard) to come back so they could spend their life together in the Lord.


Sister Charito Maglinis partly supports Danny.

Sister Charito’s life is a very exciting religious journey. She used to work in a hotel in Cebu City and was having difficulties in life and prayed the Lord to show her the way. By chance she had a conversation with one of the waiters, Joseph Barrios, a former CBC student. Joseph referred her to Joel Talaver, who taught and baptized her. For years sister Charito worshipped in Downtown church, ministered by Joel Talaver. She also was instrumental in having her husband converted; her engineer husband saw the change that happened in her, and sought the Lord also. He is now a Christian but is not worshipping because we don’t seem to have a group of brethren in Kazakhstan that he could fellowship with. This Christian lady and engineer’s wife is bubbling with life and joy, and is thankful for that day when, having been down in the deep, she met Joseph Barrios.  Brother Joseph however is nowhere to be found. Sister Charito and other Christians hope that someday this brother and his family would return to the Lord.


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