A Letter To One who Differs From Us

IMG_0582Editor’s note: For many months now I have been receiving email bulletins from a brother in Christ. His writeups first struck me as something out of the ordinary, witty sometimes, and to the point. Well, it has come to the point that like brother Mike Hildreth I have to decide correcting the man for his errors. So I wrote him a letter, a copy of which is posted below. I do this with the best of intentions. If he goes to hell, he has no one to blame but himself. If I go to hell because I corrected him, then I’d put myself under God’s mercy because I did what I think His word says.

This brother does not believe that baptism is for the remission of sins, and thinks the use of instruments of music in worship is a non-issue. Here goes the letter.


Brother ________,

When you said that baptism and the instrument are non-issues, that is tantamount to saying that you knew better than the inspired apostles, is it not?

I am only asking what makes you think you’re correct. You and I are not prophets, we are just learners of the Word. As learners, we learn from Him and from His word. We do not legislate. We do not decide for Him, we do not say that this is what we think He says.

Maybe this is your first time to hear your teachings being challenged. Some of our brethren may have dismissed you as a heretic, but I will not. I love you as a brother in Christ, and I won’t rest until I get the truth from you. Because if you are teaching the truth, and you claim you are, then I go to hell because I have not listened to you, and vice versa. What do you think?

If by chance you will find time to answer me, please quote me in full, so your readers will know what I am saying. This is for the benefit of those who differ from you, and I am sure that there are those who disagree with you too.

Please do not unsubscribe me. There are so many things that you write which I like and appreciate.

All I am saying is, some of the things you are teaching may be correct, but some are plainly wrong.

You are still my brother, but a brother who also needs to be corrected.

Now if I am in error in doing this to you, then please show it from the scriptures. I appreciated being corrected by an American brother once, and there is no reason that I would not accept correction from you, if there is a need for it.


Post Script: It is always the case that false teachers will listen only to the discordant sounds of their falsehoods. The brother I am referring to above told me today that he would cease discussion with me on the issues of baptism and instrumental music. He ignored my answers to his arguments. Too proud to admit he is wrong.


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