IMG_0507It happened a month ago. I was not sure what the man’s motive was, but he sent me an email. Well, the kind of email salesmen would invent when they wanted to make a big sales pitch.

My reply consisted of a two-letter word: No. It was the shortest reply I made for the longest that he sent, trying to promote a drug I could not afford, and even if I could, it would be the kind of drug I wouldn’t buy, since I see no need for it. He was selling me Viagra. But before I blocked his email address–before I consigned him to the spam bin–I took a second look at it. Because, believe it or not, I just received an email purporting to come from me!

Dear readers of this blog, the man was trying to copy my English, my way of writing, my style. He was trying to be me. That’s wonderful, I would say. I too would be happy to have a namesake for company. The problem was this man’s grammar was very bad and his diction was even worst!

He was my copycat, and he was not even trying hard! Huhrrm.

There is only one like me, and God knows that. Even Yahoo! sees to it that you cannot duplicate my email address. But there are other ways to find our dissimilarities, aside from his very bad grammar. We don’t have the same IP address. We don’t have the same email. And the guy does not act like me when he writes—he constipates just to produce a good writeup! Huhuhrrm!

If I knew him, I would advise him to go back to grammar school for, say, seven more years. (Put in here another huhrrm!)

This copycat of mine, the man who poses as me, who owns that email account named, goes around and makes dirty comments in the blogs of other people. He is jolting people from their peace and quiet. He is a blot on the white tapestry of our fellowship.

Frankly speaking, I don’t need this guy to make me popular. For I already am! (huhrrm! plus another huhrm!). And I don’t need him to sell me Viagra; I think he needs it more than I do. I have been told by grapevine doctors it is also a medicine for mental weakness. I am not sure if that is true.

Furthermore, I don’t even need to report his IP address to the proper authorities. He would be happy, I am sure, and he would be euphoric, jubilant, or over the moon as they in UK would say, knowing I acted with a vengeful spirit toward him. He likes me to fight back.

Well, I won’t.

I want him to keep on doing what he is doing, until you guys whose reputation he has been trying to destroy would act in unison and report him to the authorities, until the Lord does something to put a stop to his stupidities, whichever comes first.

Let that sinner who purports to be me, who goes by the email account, keep on sinning. He is none of my problems, and his stupidities are none of my cares. (My last huhrrm!).


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