Gossipers: Are These Your Problems?

IMG_0570There’s one thing you should know about gossipers:  They consider you their enemies.  So what should you do?

Life on earth is definitely not a bed of roses; it is filled with sorrows and pains and difficulties. But this life could have been made much happier and the burdens could have been lighter if everyone is your friend. But that is next to impossible.

“It is an honor to have friends,” writes Leroy Brownlow, “but it is not necessarily a dishonor to have enemies” (The Christian’s Everyday Problems, page 44). And he adds: “It is no compliment to say that a Christian lived so many years and never had an enemy” (Ibid.).  It was his enemies who nailed Jesus on the cross. Paul had many enemies too who made many attempts to kill him, but he later came to consider as natural, as a fact, as a given, that everyone who tries to live a Christian life would suffer persecution by enemies (2 Timothy 3:12).

Have you never been a gossip item? Are all those you hear around you words of praises and nothing else? Listen to Jesus: “Woe to you, when all men speak well of you” (Luke 6:26). To achieve a high social IQ, when men offer paeans to honor you, is not a compliment either.

Your enemies’ only obsession and goal in life is to make you a vanishing species. You are the lice they need to do away with, a vermin or a pest they need to exterminate. They would ride on your goals and sabotage your plans. They would not be content with just seeing you bend your knees: To view you in a coffin, and to see that all memories that remind them of you would vanish like bubbles in the air, these alone would make them happy.

There is no need to say that gossiping is a sin because it is a form of lying and that liars will find themselves in the lake of fire and sulphur (Revelation 21:8). Gossips may have truth as its basis. But the truthfulness of it is not its own justification. And since we keep on destroying the reputation of the one whom we consider our enemy by digging up his past and telling it to anyone who would listen, we sin against the Lord because He has commanded us to love people (Matthew 5:43-44). And because our enemies’ cause to destroy us is fired by hatred that knows no end, it is murder, and the Lord says murderers will find their place in hell fire (Matthew 5:21-23).

I have stopped worrying about the gossipers who seek to destroy me. I might be their problem, but on the contrary they are not a cause for me to be alarmed. I think that basically these people have a heart problem that is so serious and I don’t like to follow them in their way. I don’t like to be affected by them, I don’t like to be distressed by what they say about me, I don’t like to be upset by the prospect of the great damage that they could do to me. They could do what they want but they could never be victorious. They may induce our supporters to have our support cut off; they may influence friends and churches not to help us; they may persuade the few friends we have to start vanishing one by one, because they have a way with words and we do not, and we do not seek to fight back. Our friends listen to our enemies, not to us. Let this not worry you though: Things are just true to the law that nature has ordered—birds of a feather flock together. Your feather is different.

Our enemies shall never win because we don’t allow ourselves to be agitated and fight back. They shall not win because I already have made my own choice of action and that is not to repay evil for evil. This is the Christ-like act, the Christ-like attitude. This shows that we really are the children of God.

Is this too difficult? Yes, I think so. But we can do it. The Lord Himself had done it, and won the victory. Our enemies could say all they want— they could say that our method is a form of weakness. But I can say this: This weakness of ours is the key to victory. It may be a form of weakness to pray for your enemies, to feed them when they are hungry, to give them a glass of water when they are thirsty, to clothe them when you see them wrapped in nothing but rags (Romans 12:14-21). Because this is the command of God’s Son, this, which they consider weakness, is true victory, and our true victory is He.

If we resist our enemies, fighting them in their own games—tooth for tooth, eye for eye— we become like them. The devil will have a good laugh. Our enemies will be much furious and will devise much more evil ways to beat us. I suggest that we leave the Battlefield of Mortals.

I smile whenever I think of this, for this too is a way for those people to know that Heaven has no place for the likes of them. Furthermore, if we don’t fight back, we give the Lord the best option of all: He making changes in us, and fighting the battle for us. (Romans 12:17-19). Rejoice, dear one. Heaven may be a place where everyone wants to be but not everyone can get in there. Strive to enter that place. Strive not to copy your enemies’ methods and ways, but instead you pray for them. Perhaps they will come back to their senses (Romans 12:20).

And worry not too about your old friends, who perhaps are friends no longer, since they have moved to the camp of the enemy. Pray for them also. Doing so, two things might happen: Your relationship might be restored, which is good; or it might not, which is still good because by now you realize who your friends really are. Losing your friends, you have to walk your path alone. Jesus did too; His disciples left Him. But be thankful, because as you walk you never do so without Him watching you: He is there. They may have left Him, but He would never leave us.

Hope this helps you.


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