Quit That Job?

One lady had asked me to recommend her for a job. I talked to the president. He wanted her to report the next day.

The president made her to sit in front of a cash register. Then he left. The lady looked at the machine. What would she do? A queue of customers was waiting.

Without much ado she left and proceeded to the president’s office. “Sir, I don’t know numbers.” A waiter standing by took over the cash register. At the office the president looked a little bit surprised. And frustrated may be. “You know I greatly trusted the man who recommended you to me. You are not going home without getting employed. What can you do? Can you wait on tables?”

She nodded. But even as a waitress, she was a failure. A cook wondered why she was getting orders for something not on the menu. One customer got something he did not order for. Another waited for his order that did not come.

What if the Lord requires you to live in a way that pleases Him? But between the ratings 1 to 10, you fall even less than is expected. As a factory product, you have too many flaws. You keep making errors of judgment. You don’t even realize the impact of what you’re doing.

And as months turn to years, you make an inventory of your life. You now have this overweening fear that on that day, when you stand before the throne of God your maker, you won’t pass final inspection.

Our lives are like that. Our person is flawed by sin. We have violated His laws and commandments. No matter how hard we try, we keep failing Him (Romans 3:23; 6:23). Carcass of dead cattle could not pass on for inspection, and if they get caught they end up in the incinerators. Substandard toys are being recalled, at great losses to some manufacturers. Graduates who don’t pass the board don’t get licensed. There is always a standard. What if the verdict says we are unsuitable to enter heaven?

The thought of that makes me really afraid.

But Jesus has done something incredible for us all, something we don’t even deserve. He died for me and for you, by taking our cross and making it His own. Furthermore, he too made His righteousness our own, by clothing us with it. Even today, I would rather fall on my knees and beg for His mercy. I don’t deserve heaven, and neither do you.

If God rewards us on that day, it would be on the basis of what His Son has done, instead of what we have done.


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