Sins and Mistakes We Make

This insight comes to me kind of slowly. As I read the posts I made in the PBCAA Blog, I noticed so many mistakes. I mean MY mistakes.But since I am not the moderator of that site, I cannot go to that post I made and do the necessary correction. It is not MY site. In MY Blogs, I could just revise, amend, correct the posts I had written, or consign it to the trash bin. This is the liberty of the one who creates it.

That is the same thing with the mistakes and sins we make everyday (hope we don’t sin like it is an obsession for us, or like a habit). People–they who are outside of us– can just point to us our mistakes and sins, but the correction of those mistakes and sins–the repenting of those sins, is another way of saying it– actually depends on us. Only we can correct us.

This is the mistakes denominational interpreters often have. They pray for the Holy Spirit to cure them of adulterous sin, when the only cure lies in them. The Holy Spirit cannot do the correcting; he cannot do the repenting for you. He can convict you through the Word; but the rectifying of the mistakes is your ball. The Holy Spirit will not do it, not because he cannot, but because it is your job.

So the first thing I do as I go over my blog posts is to look for grammatical blunders, dangling participles, disagreement between my subject and my verb, misspelling, wrong diction, and what not. This is for self-improvement. Hopefully my posts get a better look, and become a better read.

Same thing for the soul. Every day is a day for self-examination. By so doing, we may achieve spiritual betterment. A soul renewed. Feeling good. Hoping for the best. I find that great promise in God’s Sacred Scriptures. It says: “For this cause we faint not: but though our outward man is decaying, yet the inward man is renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16).


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