Stories of Some Christians Retold

IMG_0967Boy Noval, Sam Tariman, and other men told me they already have stopped engaging in vices, no smoking, no wine-drinking.

Boy Noval told me that what motivated him to do right, to love his family, to be kind to everyone, and to stop bowing his knees to idols, was his father. His father claimed to be Catholic but did not practice it, was even very critical about idol worship. Boy stopped practicing Catholicism. His father stopped drinking after he got sick; Boy did not even attempt to try taking wine. His father read his Bible but never got to the point of obeying Jesus; Boy read his Bible and obeyed Jesus. There lies the difference.

You should see Boy Noval. His stature as God’s child is spiritually much taller, but physically he is not. For, you see, Boy wears no shoes or sandals. He’s got his feet, the fingers of his feet, and sometimes the fingers of his hand, above the ground as he moves around, and he stands only two feet tall. Deformed feet. Deformed hands. He walks like he is crawling on three legs. A pitiful sight to see, but he does not mind it now. He never pays attention to it at all. It is a physical defect that–he’s happy to know–the good Lord shall make right on resurrection day. On that day, everything about him will be normal, like us.

Sam Tariman. For all you know he could be one who knocks at your door at night begging for a chance to hear you and to be heard likewise. His agony began when he had much money and got very sick. I asked him if he meant that money is evil; he said no. Because he had read from his Bible that the love of money is the root of all evil. But when he got sicker, and spent much money for being sicker, Sam was jolted into his senses, was startled into reality that something was wrong with his soul. You see, prior to the time he had gotten into a hospital, a man (a denominational preacher for sure) came by his house with a Bible and wanted to talk to Sam about his soul. Sam never paid attention. Sam did not even invite him for coffee. Very unkind of me, he confessed. A week after that, they got him into a hospital. Hundreds of thousands of pesos spent for a sickness whose origin or cause the specialists did not even know. But anyway, Sam was given a new lease of life, so to speak.

A week after he came home, Sam visited the bookstores looking for a Bible. He bought one for himself, and devoured it, so to speak. He stopped reading only because his wife brought him his lunch, or his snacks, or his dinner. He had read the whole Bible in a short period of time.

One day Sam visited Boy in his shop, and saw Boy was reading his Bible. That story is one for those who have kindred spirits. They joined each other to listen to the Calvary church preachers. As they kept listening to the man, they found out that the man was doctrinally skewed in some places. They stopped inviting him. They stopped coming to his class. Sam asked Boy if he has a church affiliation, and Boy said yes, he had been attending a church but had already stopped going there.

And then I came.



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