Things More Important Than Mowing Tall Grass

An executive of a multinational company thought that was enough. No more mowing lawns. He gave his janitor, his house helper, and his driver their last pay and bade them goodbye.

His house, tall and handsome, which used to be the envy of the community now became everybody’s non-delight. Friends were asking what happened to the vibrant fellow whose party-giving was always the talk of the town. To put a stop to questionings, he put up a sign, in letters big nobody could mistake it for anything: “We pass this life only but once. There are more important things, more important than just mowing tall grass.”

Several reasons could be given for the change of his mindset. Wife just died. Business went from bad to worse. Children left to live their own lives in another place. And these losses caused him to reflect on things he had neglected– the priorities of life.

Mornings now he spent making coffee and drinking it alone. Or exploring every nook and cranny of his domain. Or walking bootless in the garden, the beds of roses and daisies and Malaysian mumps and dahlias which were then the delight of the departed homemaker. In place of the absent figures of domesticity–the smiles, the laughter, the shrieking–figures of the overlooked came to catch his attention. Birds. The lonely mallard. A hungry dog. Ants busying themselves for the anticipated rainy season.

And in the room, an open Bible, laid so dearly on his wife’s lounging chair.

A friend who visited him understood the sudden change. To those who would ask, he explained: “If he likes being alone, it’s fine. He deserves that too. Maybe he’s right. There are more important things than tall grass.”

What is your tall grass? What is your priority in life? Sending kids to college? Saving for the rainy days? Not being remiss in insurance payments so you could have something to draw from in times of need? Buying properties?

I remember that Chinaman, whose family were the owners of one of the biggest auto parts chain stores in the country. He himself owned hundreds of hectares of property in Maraag, in the mountains of Cebu, in Davao, in Cagayan, etc. Buildings, too, one to serve as his home in the mountains of Maraag, the other to serve as chapel for the new group he had established, others to serve as homes for his employees, for his horses, for his cows, his goats, his pigs. But when the reckoning time came, he left them all.

His wife did not even know he had hoarded this much property.

His father heard of these, and repossessed the papers of almost all of it. Only two properties were left, and the wife did not know what to do with it, and was selling it for a bargain price.

Tall grass? There are things more important than these. Think for example of the things of the spirit. Of life beyond. Of material loss and eternal gain. Listen to Paul: “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out” (1 Timothy 6:6-7).

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