The Roman Catholic Church calls herself the “mother of churches,” the one from which the denominations came. She is old, but she is not the oldest. We give that honor to the church that Jesus founded in the city of Jerusalem in the time mentioned in Acts 2.

The Roman Catholic Church could claim to be Roman, since her  first head was the Roman bishop,  not Peter the Jew.  She could claim catholicity, since her faith is universal, perhaps as universal as the early church of Christ. But she could not claim apostolicity, not only because the Roman Catholic system as we know it was virtually unknown in the days of the apostles, but also because her doctrines are not apostolic. She neither could claim to be holy, as this study will also prove. The Roman Catholic  church is the product of apostasy that was at work at the time of Peter and Paul, and flourished after the downfall of theRoman empire. That apostasy was slow, but it was sure.

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